I was responsible for the establishment and operation of the Instagram account for H.I.S. Europe Ltd, a Japanese travel agency based in London, including campaign planning. The purpose of the account was to provide users considering travel to the UK with a deeper understanding of the charm of the country.

  • I coordinated the strengthening of SNS operations by integrating with other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and a blog. Regularly, I posted photos capturing the changing seasons and daily scenes in the UK, actively engaging in communication by responding to user comments. To fulfill the role of an Instagram account similar to a travel pamphlet, I handled all processes, including photography, selection, editing, and comment creation.
  • Leveraging Instagram Live, I conducted periodic live broadcasts from various locations, creating a platform to approach potential customers. During these live broadcasts, I showcased UK cityscapes, tourist spots, and meals. These live sessions not only increased the account’s followers but also successfully conveyed the charm of the UK.
  • I created themed content in Stories, organizing them into highlights for easy reference. In addition to introducing tourist spots and events in the UK, I compiled content explaining British culture and customs. Additionally, I implemented irregular Saturday-exclusive segments called ‘Saturday Question Box,’ where I answered user questions related to the UK. Summarizing these efforts in highlights allowed us to provide a more comprehensive content experience.


The follower count increased from 0 to 4,000, and following Instagram Live sessions or posts, we started receiving around 10 new reservations. We were able to reach potential customer segments that were not accessible through other SNS platforms, and the collaboration between different platforms successfully increased the follower count across all SNS.

Additionally, when other branches in European countries opened Instagram accounts, we utilized the London branch’s account for promotion and Instagram Lives, conducting campaigns that generated synergistic effects. This led to an increase in followers for other branch accounts as well.

The silent Instagram Live sessions showcasing the streets of London received tremendous positive feedback, achieving success with limited resources and budget. These live broadcasts were conducted without prior notice, and not only did those who could watch it share the information on social media, but it also resulted in an average of over 100 viewers each time. Leveraging commuting or work breaks of around 30 minutes, these live sessions enhanced account visibility and contributed to new reservations.